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Our optometrist take care of your visual health. Visit us to prevent, detect and correct visual problems in time. Specialists in Pediatric graduation.
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Optician in Barcelona

Much more than an optician
that sells glasses and contact lenses

Our optometrists have an advanced technology and their objective is to provide effective first attention and detect early warning signs. We spend much more time on the patient, focusing on each one’s case and needs.
We review your graduation periodically.
We check your intraocular pressure and examine the back of the eye.
Controls of Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.
Blurred vision cases, red eyes, eye strain…
Other services

What services do we offer

In Óptica Gaudí we look after you. We are a local business that offers a prevention and detection service, and treatment of problems derived from visual health.
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Full visual review

Full visual review

Visual health. View graduation. Fundus eye study. Eye pressure.

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A study of the fundus eye

A study of the fundus eye

Photograph of the retina to see the pattern of blood vessels and record them.

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Adaptation of contact lenses

Adaptation of contact lenses

We can advise you according to your needs with the different type of material, durability, etc.

Optician in Barcelona

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